Better late than never
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Amby fucked up. This was recorded over a month ago but with too much real life shit it’s only going up now. Consider it a point in time episode as half the games discussed finished. But we guess its better to get it out anyway and try to get better. Good philosophy for Dip anyway! Apologies on the general drunkedness. Intro After a post-production issue the guys open at the Brewski, just down the road in Caxton St. The guys give their diplomacy drinks analysis (0 mins 45 secs) They move onto discussing all the new variants on vDip (although by the time this comes out, they’ll probably be only new-ish). First up is the War of the Austrian Succession which Amby play listed at the Russian Diplolab (5 mins 30 secs) Kaner points out Amby has a fellow history buff in gopher, a vDip mod and player who has some ahistorical concerns with the variant and map (7 mins 15 secs) Amby gives a Diplomacy player update about the Klemens von Metternich book he’s reading. Kaner discusses the book he’s started reading History of…