When the boss bans Dip, new Lab, interview with Flame & Periscope
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The guys live stream with Periscope and hit many Diplomacy topics: when your employer blocks Dip, the new Lab & variants being tested and interview with Flame. Plus we talk Dip etiquette on readying up orders, Victory Points farming in Bourse and how they’re going in their games. Around the grounds Amby describes for new listeners/viewers on Periscope what the podcast is about (1 min) Both of the guys say they’re in way too many games. Amby says his problem is he’s often having to go to 4 different Diplomacy platforms (2 mins 10 secs) Amby describes briefly Cisco Spark, one of these Dip platforms that we will highlight in a future episode (2 mins 30 secs) Kaner asks Amby how he’s going in the Online Diplomacy Championship over at PlayDip (3 mins) Amby also goes to on to briefly discuss the group messaging system at PlayDip and his initial thoughts on it, before talking php and their WebDip games (4 mins) The guys stuff around with the live Periscope feed (6 mins 45 secs) Kaner talks about how he’s been going…