Diplomacy etiquette, Christmas & the variants Atlantic Colonies & Mate Against Mate
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December 24, 2016
Time to open the Diplomacy Christmas crackers! The guys discuss game etiquette and look at the variants “Atlantic Colonies” and the Australian “Mate Against Mate”. Enjoy! Kaner starts by discussing his drinking Christmas tradition (1 min 30 secs) Amby talks about his recent cruise ship holiday and why his mental age is younger than his physical age (3 mins 10 secs) Diplomacy game etiquette Being away for his holidays Amby discusses how being on holidays with no internet on the ship (well there was but it was expensive and from talking to others onboard it was pretty crappy), Amby put in place various measures for his games. So the guys start discussing etiquette relating to when you’re away on holidays and can’t play Dip (7 mins 20 secs) The guys talk about using a sitter with the practical example of Amby calling on Kaner to sit for him in the American Conflict game “2017 The Trump Wars”. Amby discusses his approach on using entertainment as gameplay by taking on the persona as Donald Trump as the USA. If…