34: Hands off my screen!
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The guys talk about Spotify's mystery hardware, what's up with the Surface Pro market, is your unlimited data plan a rip-off, what's up with the new Echo Look, and Webster's is trolling Apple customers. All this and more! All this and more! Plus don't forget to read the show notes to help save the Internet!Links:Tell Congress: Don't Surrender the Internet | EFF Action Center — PLEASE GO HERE AND FIGHT TO KEEP AN OPEN INTERNET!Spotify May Be Working on its First Hardware Device - Mac RumorsSubscribe with Amazon: Amazon launches subscription platformYour unlimited plan is probably ripping you off: How much data Americans actually use | iMoreThe FCC is asking whether the agency needs net neutrality on its rulebooks at all - RecodeAmazon's new Echo Look has a hands-free camera - Six ColorsMerriam-Webster Adds 'Sheeple' to Dictionary and Lists Apple Users as Example - Mac RumorsWhy is Microsoft trying to turn its Surface business into the next Nokia? | Ars TechnicaReview: OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gives Your…