19: Tell Us About Your First Computer
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The guys talk about their first computers, shopping in stores that no longer exist, and paying way too much for tech back in the day. Fun stroll down memory lane.Links:The TI-99/4A — Brian’s first computerMetro Center in Jackson MS on Dead Malls — The place where Brad got his first computerThe Mall of Memphis on Dead Malls — The mall where Brian would buy softwareThe TI-99/4A Tape Drive — This was how Brian loaded programs back in the dayWatch the TI-99/4A load a program off a cassette — This positively archaic but I love it!CGA, EGA, VGA … Comparison between PC graphic modes — This was cutting edge years agoEgghead Software — Where Jim loved to buy hardware and softwareBabbage's — Where Brian would buy softwareElectronics Boutique — Where Brian would also buy softwareSoftware Etc. — Where Brian would buy even more softwareTRS-80 Color Computer - Wikipedia — Jim’s first computer Intel Pentium MMX (1997) TV ad - "Play That Funky…