7: That Frog Doesn’t Sing
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September 27, 2016
This week Brian and Brad are joined by Rebecca Slatkin (@RebeccaSlatkin) and we talk about our new iPhones, the new Apple Watch, our worst jobs, the horrors of toilet iPhones, and why our moms worry when we travel. Links and notes and more (oh my!): Brian’s talks about his iPhone 7 Plus (JET BLACK, BABY!) and Series 2 Apple Watch He has a cheap clear case(s) from Amazon, a Black Silicon Case from Apple, and an Anker tempered screen glass protector Rebecca talks about her iPhone 7 and her experience with the Smart Battery Case People who upgraded to the iPhone 7 through Apple’s upgrade program had problems due to limited stock … just for those in the upgrade program. Apple is aware of this and is trying to fix it. Apparently a class action lawsuit is in the works. Reading the comments, it’s baffling how badly they bungled this. I’m having a bit of worry for next year. Gradually, the number of phones is improving for these upgrade customers. We talk about some lesser known features in iOS 10 A construction…