35: Don’t Fluff my Feathers
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Brian & Brad talk about the Amazon Instant Video coming to the Apple TV, Apple says "Meh!" to the Echo, the new Echo gets a camera, the Apple Watch is blowing up even as some deride it, and so much more!Links:iPhone 8 could be delayed until early 2018 | Cult of MacIt looks like Amazon’s Video app is finally coming to Apple TV this summer - RecodePhil Schiller says voice-only assistants are sometimes convenient, open minded about App Store upgrade pricing in new interview | 9to5MacWe've gotten our first look at an Echo with a built-in screen, and it's straight out of 2005 | MacworldApple's Siri-Based Smart Speaker Has 'Over 50% Chance' of Debuting at WWDC in June - Mac RumorsApple Named World's Largest Wearables Vendor With an Estimated 3.5M Apple Watch Shipments in Q1 2017 - Mac RumorsCourt flunks high schoolers’ appeal on plagiarism database | Ars TechnicaYou know The Defenders is a Marvel Netflix show because it has a hallway fight - The Verge — Reminder that NYC is crampedMan Wishes Computer Could Do…