2: One Percenter Music Club
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Follow up Friend of the show, @berial, updated us via Twitter that Xbox One will not be adding DVR functionality for OTA broadcasts, Jim is very disappointed. Brian points out there’s a pricey alternative. Mark Gurman, formerly of 9to5 Mac and now at Bloomberg, confirms what we already suspect about the new iPhone. New Macbook Pros on the way? Apple reportedly pursues a TV guide of sorts since TV producers want to watch their business erode a bit more before getting on board. Brian and Brad pay for Apple Music and Spotify and Jim wants to know why we do it. Great article at Macstories about music curation. The Sweet Setup showcased a great iOS app for migrating playlists around called SongShift The world is losing its mind at the notion of Apple ditching the headphone port in the next iPhone … well Bluetooth headphone revenue overtook non-bluetooth for the first time in June. Have your opinions ready on bluetooth versus wired. Brian talks about his new earbuds (JLab Epic2) Blogger Ben Brooks talks about…