3: Not-O-Pilot
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We might be getting a Space Black iPhone for the first time ever. Jim talk about his new phone case. Twitter might be live streaming NFL games on Apple TV T-Mobile has brought back the unlimited data plan but HD video is $25/mo extra, tethering is 2G speeds, 5 GB of high speed tethering is $15/mo add on. AT&T is also now throttling rather than charging overage as well. 256GB iPhone 7 storage rumor Macrumors iDownload blog Google reimagines FaceTime in the new Duo app People keep failing at Tesla Autopilot making them consider renaming the feature Uber’s self-driving cars are picking up passengers in Pittsburgh with caveats Ford announced this week they aiming for autonomous ride-sharing by 2021 Microsoft takes a potshot at Apple over the “What’s a computer?” ad we mentioned last week Apple Watch 2 will get GPS but no LTE Jim goes to see "DJ Hodor"