[Pre-Ramadan Bootcamp] Ep 23: What are Your Ramadan Weekend Plans?
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In the second season of the Productive Muslim Podcast, we go through the Pre- Ramadan Bootcamp with our host, Mifrah Mahroof. The purpose of this bootcamp is to help you prepare for Ramadan spiritually, physically and socially so that when Ramadan begins you will be in a better position to make the most out of it. In today’s episode, we discuss some ways of spending your Ramadan weekends productively. For most of us - weekends during Ramadan are opportunities for us to catch up on sleep and take it easy before the work week starts again. And although resting and taking the time to relax is commendable - especially if it’ll help you worship Allah better; we should be conscious of not to waste our time during the weekend with too much sleep, or simply lounging in front of the TV. So what can you do to make your Ramadan weekends productive? What activities can you do with your family, friends, neighbors, community, that would make each Ramadan weekend a fulfilling experience? Let us know in the comments section…