How to Overcome a Porn Addiction and Be Productive Again with Wael Ibrahim: Part 1
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February 17, 2017
“Porn promises nothing but pain, nothing but problems and depression” - Wael Ibrahim Joining us today is Br Wael Ibrahim, interviewed by our host Mifrah Mahroof for a two part series dedicated to tackling the pornography addiction. In this series, we explore the danger of pornography, how to protect ourselves from falling in and how to get out if it. Questions Asked: What motivated you to get into the work of pornography addiction? What is porn and what mediums does it exist in today? How is written porn accessed through novels of a sexual nature different to visual porn? Does it have the same harmful effects? How big of a problem is porn in the Muslim community and in general? How does pornography affect a person’s ability to lead a good productive life? What effect does porn have on the mind? What if someone blames their pornography addiction on not being able to get married. What are your thoughts on this? Can marriage solve a pornography addiction? Thank You For Listening! Did you enjoy this episode? If…