[Pre-Ramadan Bootcamp] Ep 2: Start with WHY
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In the second season of the Productive Muslim Podcast, we go through the Pre-Ramadan Bootcamp with our host, Mifrah Mahroof. The purpose of this bootcamp is to help you prepare for Ramadan spiritually, physically and socially so that when Ramadan begins you will be in a better position to make the most out of it. In today’s episode, we reflect on the different types of why: Why are you doing this program? Why is this program meaningful to you? Why should you care to continue? Homework: Watch this TED Talk on the importance of starting with why. Connect the concept of this talk with the idea of Intentions in Islam. Share your thoughts on how these concepts connect below in the facebook group. Open a new page in your journal (or google doc or Evernote) and write down the answer to this question: Why am I taking this 30-day bootcamp with ProductiveMuslim? What’s the larger purpose I need to fulfill? Thank you for listening! Are you ready to make the most out of this Ramadan? If so, let us know your thoughts and…