Ep 077 // 3 Ways to Grow Your Business with YouTube (with Trena Little)
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In this episode I'm hanging with Trena Little, a YouTube Coach and creator of amazingly helpful YouTube channel, Tips with Trena! In her channel, you’ll find straight-to-the-point tutorials for entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of video — WITHOUT spending a ton of time & money. In today’s show, she's sharing brutally honest mistakes from her first couple years in business, how she tweaked to find success, and super concrete tips for leveraging YouTube — even if you're a TOTAL newbie! IN THE COURAGE PORTION, YOU'LL HEAR: All about Trena's business & how she earns her living Why we should all care about using video in our businesses How she started, quit her job & built a course The tricky path to finding the right people & pain point Launching to crickets — and how she switched it up to actually get clients AND IN THE CLARITY HALF, WE GET INTO: How YouTube content helps viewers find you via search How video content shortens the "know, like and trust" curve Exactly how to use a YouTube video to…