Ep 026 // Ideal Clients, “Shiny Object Syndrome” & Why it’s Okay to Suck Right Now (Q&A)
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Here we are … halfway through Season 2 of the Courage & Clarity podcast! <img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/586c0773ebbd1a367d451544/t/59065633893fc052557d3d61/1493587524250/" data-image-dimensions="712x733" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" data-load="false" data-image-id="59065633893fc052557d3d61" data-type="image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/586c0773ebbd1a367d451544/t/59065633893fc052557d3d61/1493587524250/?format=1000w" /> I’m having an absolutely blast bringing you one part inspiration and one part instruction from amazing entrepreneurs who are going after what they love in business & in life. However, since these conversations have been so action packed, I thought I would pause and huddle up with y’all. Recently, on Instagram & on Facebook, I called for questions — and you guys really delivered! So today, I’m answering your top Q’s.In this episode, you’ll hear: How to decide whether you should start a podcastPutting the “ideal client” debate to…