5 Ways to Work *with* Your Fear and Lead with Courage (Amy Smith, ep 84)
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If you're here, I'm guessing you could use a little more courage in your life — and who among us isn't interested in feeling courageous?! That's why I love this week's conversation so much. Meet Amy Smith, the sassy, lovely and hilarious life coach over at The Joy Junkie. In this episode, we hear all about Amy's winding path to entrepreneurship — which might involve belting out a Kelly Clarkson song alone in her car with tears rolling down her face… She also shares 5 real, practical ways to live from a place of courage instead of making decisions that are fear-based. So if you're so ready and excited to build your business but can't stop bumping up against fear at the same time, strap in — this episode with Amy is for you. In the Courage half, you'll hear: All about Amy's business & how she earns her living How she finds people who struggle when it comes to standing up for themselves Overcoming anxiety and fear, and some ideas about the "how" Her message to people who are confused & unsettled Then in the…