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This 3rd episode of SysCast revolves around secrets: managing API keys, passwords, tokens, … with Hashicorp’s Vault. I’m joined by Seth Vargo from Hashicorp who explains how Vault works, its internals, different use cases, key management & rollover and lots of interesting details about Vault itself. If you’re storing your passwords inside your git repository or managing them by hand in yaml/ini files, listen to this episode to learn how Vault can help store credentials more securely and automate secret management for you. Once again, if you have a minute or 2, leave a rating on iTunes. Shownotes @sethvargo on Twitter VaultProject.io the official website The interactive demo of Vault Consul Template Using HashiCorp’s Vault with Chef (applicable to Puppet/Ansible, too) Feedback? Let me know via [email protected] or at @mattiasgeniar on Twitter.