Magalie Le Gall - SE05 / EP03
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Mike is joined by Magalie LeGall from Versailles, France. Magalie is an academic librarian at Universite Paris Descartes, an avid sketchnoter, and an all-around fun person. Together they discuss the importance of making mistakes in our sketchnotes. RUNNING ORDER * Intro * Magalie’s sketchnote origin story * Application of sketchnoting in her professional life * Discovering the sketchnote community * How Sketchnoting fits into Magalie’s life * Why starting sketchnoting was easier than now * Why mistakes are great * The problem with sketchnoting on the iPad) * What to do when you run out of space for your sketchnote * Pushing your boundaries * Compare only to yourself, draw inspiration from others * Importance of small, daily improvements (kaizen) * Tools * Tips * Mike’s Beetle LINKS * Magalie Le Gall’s blog - * Magalie Le Gall twitter - * Flow - * Philippe Boukobza twitter -…