Ben Crothers - SE05 / EP04
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Mike is joined by Aussie Ben Crothers, who is the author of Presto Sketching and a design strategist at Atlassian Software. Ben and Mike discuss Ben’s book, the process of getting published, How sketchnoting is changing, plus tools and tips. SPONSORED BY The Sketchnote Workshop. A full-day hands-on training that expands your team’s creative thinking. Mike Rohde guides your team through practical activities to expand your team’s confidence - SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES: Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and leave a nice review or rating if you like the show - RUNNING ORDER * Intro * Who Ben is and his origin story * The beauty of co-design * Teaching (and the struggle with YouTube) * The origins of Ben’s Book and writing on the train * How Sketchnoting is growing * Sketchnoting in education * Robots stealing Jobs * Instagram Sqaures * The value of pointless activities (and Steve Jobs) * Tools * 3 Tips LINKS *…