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We’re back! This week’s guest is VaderVanOdin, my podcast buddy from Dark Insight. We get all into Vader’s Souls history, including his brother being a bit of a back seat driver on Demon’s Souls. It’s always a blast sitting down and talking to Vader; he’s literally the nicest man in podcasting. Fair warning: when this was recorded I was still using Zencastr, and there are a few parts where the VOIP connection broke down and Vader turns into a robot (queue all of your funny Star Wars jokes). It’s not terrible, but it wasn’t something I could edit around. Sorry about that! Vader’s many social links: https://twitter.com/vadervanodin https://www.youtube.com/vadervanodin https://www.facebook.com/vadervanodin https://www.instagram.com/vadervanodin/ https://grindr.com/vadervanodin As always, if you’d like to be on the show, send an email to [email protected], or use my variety of social media networks listed below to send me a message. Email is generally the best way to get me, though. Twitter:…