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It's another episode! This week's guest is Cara, who is maybe the nicest Souls player I've talked to so far, which I make a point it tell her throughout the episode. Anyone willing to volunteer their time to help people through 5-2 in Demon's Souls is basically a saint as far as I'm concerned. Cara started from the beginning and worked her through the series chronologically, and likes to play through these games multiple times and has hundreds of hours across all the games. We talk about all five, and I'm 100% sure you will agree with me when I saw Cara is super nice. www.dontgiveupskeleton.com As I usually do, I sent Cara an early copy of the episode to make sure she was ok with the edit. She sent me back a list of time stamped notes that I found super interesting, so I asked if I could include those. So here's a live tweet version of her reaction to the episode (note: some times might be slightly off due to additional editing). 2:29 – I haven’t played games in a solid month, but my fav character Chop Chop…