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Heya listeners! This week's guest is Ashy, an artist and serious Bloodborne fan. She tells me all about her and her friend co-oping the games together, why these worlds inspired her to make art, and we discuss the weird overlap in Final Fantasy XIV and Bloodborne. Enjoy! Don't Give Up, Skeleton is on Patreon, which is a great way to support the show if you can. Donations go to keeping the podcast bills paid, as well as my ever growing collection of Souls games. You can also support the show by leaving an iTunes review, or by sharing the podcast with your friends. Merch! Wear a skelly on your belly!Support Don't Give Up Skeleton: A Dark Souls and Bloodborne PodcastLinks:Bloodborne - Suite (Live with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra : SCORE Orchestral Game Music) - YouTubeTumblrGood Hunter 🌕 (@anyxtrine) | TwitterAshy on Instagram: “#inktober2017 #inktober”Ashy on Instagram: “#bloodborne”Ashy on Instagram: “#bloodborne Yharnam Hunter trio”Past the HolylandPast the HolylandPast the Holyland