Law and Medicine Show - Trespass and Whiplash
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Dr. Nathan Berner Berner Family Chiropractic Guest BIO: Dr. Berner is an upper cervical chiropractor, who specializes in the cranial cervical junction and motion analysis of the spine using video x-ray. Additionally he is a board certified instructor in the Orthospinology system teaching doctors and students how to best analyze the upper cervical spine and its relationship to the brainstem and how it affects the entire body. Topics/Questions: Upper Cervical Spine Whiplash injuries Post Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Cervical Cranial Junction MRI Web Site and Social Media: Cooper Knowles The Law Office of C. Cooper Knowles, LLC Guest BIO: Cooper Knowles specializes in complex civil litigation involving damages to the environment and real property. Topics/Questions: Georgia’s trespass and nuisance statutes. Web Site and Social Media:…