Business Authority Radio Episode 035
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Lori Whitaker-Noel B4Design - An Interior Design & Decor, Home Staging business Notes from Lori Whitaker-Noel: Who we are/Why B4Design/Our clientele base/common design challenges/The Hottest Trend in Design Now - Home Staging/Why design is such a valuable element in all of our lives. ” I am able to help every person and family, regardless of socio-economic standing; it’s about living well in your own space - providing the tools for comfortable living on a daily basis, whether living in an apartment or large home. My perfect prospect is a client who understands that their best moment for living is right now - bringing order and loving memories to their home and family with a few essentials in design and harmony mixed in…… LinkedIn/3,000 connections to date Business Authority Radio: Conversations with Industry Leaders. Hosted by Media Authorities Craig Williams and Neil Howe. To view guest photos from this show, visit: To nominate or submit a guest request…