Buckhead Business Show Episode 013
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George Rathman The Alternative Board Business Coaching and Consulting Guest BIO: George Rathman, Owner & CEO of TAB Atlanta Central, has over 25 years of business experience in retail operations, NCAA Division I athletics / administration as well as consumer goods finance. George is an ICF and iPEC certified professional coach who partners with business leaders to realize their full potential while finding time, money and freedom. As a Professional Business Career Development and Transition Coach, George has a passion to help others obtain the vitality and success they desire in order to make their lives more manageable and enjoyable. George specializes in Human Resources and Talent Management operations with additional experience in NCAA Division I athletics and finance consumer goods. Topics/Questions: I believe we are going to have a mini board meeting. Are there other questions for me to submit? If so: 1. What is the Alternative Board? 2. For each member - what is there business and why they joined TAB?…