Buckhead Business Show - Getting Your “Money’s Worth” from Accounting and Retirement
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Buckhead Business Show - Getting Your “Money’s Worth” from a Accounting and Retirement Company Name: The Robby Group LLC Name and Title of Person Interviewed: Robby Mathis, Partner, Leader, Taxation & Accountancy Guest BIO: Robby started his career in management consulting and ultimately decided that a Master of Accountancy was the best way to help small businesses and non-profits. Topics/Questions: What does an accountant really do? How do I know if I’m getting my “money’s worth” from an accounting or legal professional? Are there things I can do right away for business? What’s the best way to get started and ensure my books are on track? Most people dread talking to accountants, what makes you different? How do I choose the right accountant and do I even need one? I’m worried about my own business goals, is there a way to know if I’m track? Web Site and Social Media Links: https://www.TheRobbyGroup.com https://twitter.com/therobbygroup https://www.facebook.com/therobbygroup…