Georgia Business Radio - Beyond Glass Ceiling, Woman CEO Breaks Down Steel Barriers
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Beyond Glass Ceiling, Women CEO Breaks Down Steel Barriers Aviva Leebow Wolmer, CEO Pacesetter Guest BIO: Aviva Leebow Wolmer has been a transformative and commanding force during her tenure of leadership at Pacesetter, the unprecedented leader in innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. Aviva is aggressively working to break down the perception that steel is an antiquated industry and replace it with her vision of a vibrant, technology-driven cornerstone of American manufacturing. Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: Can you tell us about Pacesetter and what you do there? How is Pacesetter a unique company in the steel industry? What does company culture mean to you? How has that focus on culture changed Pacesetter? As a young female CEO in a male-dominated industry, what have you learned? Is there anything exciting happening with the Pacesetter team that you’d like to talk about? Web Site and Social Media: Pacesetter site/social media…