Business Authority Radio Episode 037
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James B. Griffin James B. Griffin, LLC - law firm focusing on estate planning, probate, and property law The biggest risk to manage for your business is your life and health, without which your business and family would be in jeopardy. My law firm is about the “preventive medicine” of estate planning, which also might be described as part of your “financial fitness.” Because you are not easily replaced, the best leadership you can exert is to prepare your company to be profitable without you, and the most important vehicle is your business-succession plan. The very act of thinking through all the troubles that would come if your business lost you might likely reveal the best solutions to present and future challenges. Furthermore, the market value of your business is based not just on its current profitability, but whether it would remain viable without its founding leadership. I can write for you an estate plan which would likely increase your business’ viability and value by eliminating at least some of…