Pro Business Channel Value Proposition
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Pro Business Channel Value Proposition To its listeners, Pro Businesses Channel (PBC) is an internet broadcast network, however for businesses, Pro Businesses Channel has a compelling marketing platform on and off line. PBC is an internet broadcast network with robust channels of distribution on iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio and 13 others. PBC’s website is ranked by Alexa (the arbiter of global website domain rankings) within the top 10% of the world’s 1.3 billion domains. All downloads on PBC’s website in connection with PBC’s hosts and our guests can be back-linked to their websites. Benefits of Hosting Your Own Show Online: · Provides fresh content for generating an ongoing pipeline · Increase your brand awareness through PBC’s robust distribution of your broadcast on 16 channels i.e. iTunes, iHeartRadio, GooglePlay etc. Offline: · As a host, you can invite key corporate executives and other influential prospects as guests on your show, creating unique one-on-one opportunities for building relationships…