Tom Simonson Reviving Bill Bartmann’s Dream and Transforming CFS into Merit Financial on Capital Club Radio
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On this episode of Capital Club Radio… Michael Flock interviews Tom Simonson at the RMA conference in Las Vegas about his monumental undertaking - the re-engineering of Bill Bartmann’s Commercial Financial Services (CFS) and reviving Bill’s dream and Transforming CFS into Merit Financial. Tom is the President and CEO of the Merit Family of Companies, formed in 2017 and comprised of Merit Financial Solutions, Financial Samaritan and Financial Samaritan Lending. Additionally, Tom is President and CEO of CFS2, Inc., the debt buying, servicing and collection R&D company that developed the methods and software now being used by Merit Financial Solutions. Prior to becoming President and CEO of CFS2 in December 2016, Tom had served as COO of CFS2, a position he has held since August, 2014. Prior to this, Tom was Worldwide General Manager of the Technology, Consulting and Systems Integration Division at Unisys Corporation. He was responsible for their global go-to-market plan, sales, field operations and customer…