From Nothing to Something & Trade with Liberia
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Welcome back to another fantastic episode of International Business Radio! We have with us today a full house of fantastic guests! First off is Cynthia Blanford with the Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Liberia here in Georgia, as well as From Nothing to Something’s very own Altuawn Nelson and Florence Beauredon. Also in studio is Wilfred T. Harris, President of the Liberian American Partnership Initiative. All of our guests this week are focused on increasing trade and connections between Georgia and Liberia. Atlanta 4 Liberia is a project to provide workshops to the people in Liberia and here in Atlanta. The workshops are taught by certified experts and focus on business training and anger management as well as life coaching. Liberia is brimming with opportunities for entrepreneurs and for those wanting to trade. Liberia is rich in rubber, and various metals, coffee, cocoa, and much more. Georgia signed off on its third agreement between the Savanna port and a port in Liberia this year. Our…