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Kelli Kelley Partner, Creative Director Kelley Brand Communications Guest BIO: Los Angeles native, Kelli Kelley began her career in communications over a decade ago serving as Public Relations Coordinator for WalMart brand Faded Glory in their New York office. After several years of working in public relations and other creative fields, she decided to launch her own firm, Kelli Flournoy PR focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. As digital marketing and social media began to explode, Kelli decided to rebrand her company to reflect the industry shift of an organic fusion of public relations and marketing. Kelley Brand Communications is a digital firm focused on fully integrated communications strategies designed to connect, inspire and engage. Topics/Questions: Digital marketing, social media etc. - What exactly is digital marketing? - Whats a really big trend in digital marketing right now? - What are some of the challenges in your business? And how do you overcome them? - What mistakes do…