Business Authority Radio Episode 027
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Angela K. Durden, Notes2Bucks LLC Software serving creatives in the music business is designed to help songwriters (whether or not they are the artist) to collect, manage, and validate the basis for the deal on each of their songs starting with split sheets, going on to work for hire, original status certification, and much more. That makes us a third-party time/date stamped validator of the source information for all registrations and placements that follow. Unfortunately, most in the business do not know they need all of this before release, and in order to attract music supervisors who handle placements in movies, documentaries, television, and so forth. Because they don’t know this, they are giving away their music when they upload to digital aggregators. They upload to these types of companies because they believe that being on iTunes and such as that is the way to get discovered, that it is the only place people shop for music, and that these companies will also properly take care…