A Numbers Game — The Real Petty Card-Based Dating Sim
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“Modern Dating is a Joke, Why Not Treat it as One!” A Numbers Game — The Real Petty Card-Based Dating Sim An interview with Mattie Rosen in the studio for this Spotlight Show about ANumbersGame.me Origin of the Game Started as a game that would elicit regret, as players would only be able to learn the information about characters they dumped after becoming exclusive with someone else. Our lead developer, Ryan Zubery, had been rejected again and he was feeling super down about it. So, instead of moping and scrolling through Tinder, he came up with this incredible game! Moving to 499 As A Numbers Game moved from this Introduction to Game Design class to Polishing and Publishing, we moved into a different direction that would comment more on the difficulties of modern dating. We want our players to reach inwards and find their pettiest, most judgemental selves to really mirror how excruciating modern dating is. We wanted to get away from the idea that players were going to be emotionally invested in these…