Business Authority Radio Episode 013
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Kamel Adi VP of Social eCommerce Creative Loot Who do you help? We help business owners who offer great products and services develop and implement Social eCommerce strategies and campaigns. We help open untapped revenue channels in innovative and creative ways. Your perfect prospect? My perfect prospect would have to be someone who is truly passionate about their product or service. This type of prospect would truly understanding what makes his or her company, brand, product, service, or service unique. Understanding your value proposition is the first step to any Social eCommerce strategy. What is the most profitable for you? Being able to facilitate the growth of that perfect prospect I mentioned. Being able to apply my own expertise to help someone who has their own set of skills and talent, whatever that may be. What’s your value proposition? We will help you reach new markets in innovative and creative way, and we will help you do that with social media. If you’d like to dive deeper into the topics of…