Georgia Business Radio Episode 031
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Kenan Sijamija, Fitness Entrepreneur Sijamija Training, LLC Guest BIO: I own, An elite personal Training and Strength conditioning Service that provides knowledge and experience to get you real results. Im Also in the Development Stage of Producing the First 3 in 1 compound Fitness shaker called the Triple Threat Bottle/Shaker Topics/Questions: What made you want to get into the Fitness Industry? How did you think of the idea to develop the Triple Threat Shaker? what motivates you and keeps you going to succeed in such a high competitive Entrepreneurship world? what makes your products different from other similar services? where is your current standing in the development of the Shaker? what makes you stand out from other personal trainers out there? What is some advice or tips for Inspiring Entrepreneurs out there still searching for there WHAT and WHY? What are some contributions to your success and why is constant Research and Reading important key factor for success? Talk about the…