Robert Williams III EnSyT Owner on Business Developers Network
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September 27, 2018
Robert Williams III Owner EnSyT Business Development Professional Attributes: “My skills and experiences are diverse and extremely transferable”. I have strong ethical, professional, legal and social standards assimilated into my persona and can project assertiveness, intellectual curiosity and humility, to every situation. I have mastered change, and acquired an array of skills necessary to manage in a highly competitive economy. I effectively combine my professional experience to meet the business needs of my clients/customers. Career Overview: I systematically apply investigative, analytical and problem-solving skills and continuously work successfully with cross-disciplined teams. I currently empower small businesses to measure and analyze qualitative and quantitative aspects of their business activities using statistical analysis and financial ratios to determine cash flow, liquidity, profitability, efficiency, debt management, etc. •Solving Business Problems (Decision Tree and 2x2 Matrix Models),…