Georgia Business Radio Episode 040
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Robroy Wiley, Financial Advisor SmartPlan Financial Services Guest BIO: Our guest today Robroy Wiley asks an important question. What happens to your financial wisdom, business acumen, and the story of what it took to build your American Dream when you pass? Are these hard won lessons about the creation of your familys financial legacy destined to disappear forever? Robroy is a financial advisor with SmartPlan Financial Services. A family owned CPA and Advisory firms for 25 years with two locations Jupiter Fl. and here in Atlanta. He recently launched StoryWill to help his clients preserve their story of how they built their business for their next generation. Topics/Questions: What is the story behind how StoryWill created? 2. How does it fill the gap that an estate plan or inheritance leaves out? 3. What is the process to create a StoryWill? 4. Do you offer multiple language options? 5. Is there a sample of what the client would get on your site? 6. Is there a loss of wealth by the third generation? 7. Do…