Infrastructure, Strategy & Sales Training are Key for Increasing Sales on Business Developers Network
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If You Heard Laurel Instead of Yanny It Can Make or Break Your Sales Numbers Infrastructure, Strategy & Sales Training are Key for Increasing Sales. The recent viral internet sensations, “Do you hear Laurel or Yanny?” illustrates a point that can make the difference in achieving your sales numbers. Why do some people say the hear Laurel and others say they hear Yanny? The answer may have something to do with predisposed perception. Infrastructure First Our first guest, Emanuel Istudor is the Business Development & IS Manager at Manufactured Assemblies Corporation (MAC). MAC’s is a global leading manufacture of electronic assemblies and wire harnesses used for electrical enclosures such as ATM kiosks. MAC has plans to increase its annual revenue from $50MM to $100MM by offering new products and services that include; outsourced solutions, contract manufacturing, design engineering, electronic kiosks, digital signs and reselling international products. Emanuel heard Laurel: Emanuel holds degrees in both…