The American Dream, HisStory in the Making
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December 15, 2015
David Windecher, The Windecher Firm, Author of “The American Dream : HisStory in the Making.” David Windecher grew up impoverished in the streets of Miami. Surrounded by rampant crime and little opportunity, David chose a life of vice and violence out of desperation. David was first arrested at age eleven. Over the following eight years, David was further seduced by a dark street life racked with violence, drugs and money. What started as desperate measures to feed his family of six turned into a criminal lifestyle. Windecher joined a gang, sold dope, built and masterminded a crime ring and was arrested 13 times. David Lee Windecher risked his life and the lives of his family to leave the gang. He beat the self-imposed negative cycle of street life through sheer will and commitment to be better. He vanquished self-doubt and conquered his deep fears of fitting in at school to pursue an education. In 2005, David graduated summa cum laude from college and proceeded to graduate from John Marshall Law School in…