Rogue Coin - Interview: Sasha Hodder - Hodlcast (05/13/2018)
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“V” interviews Sasha Hodder of Worldblock Legal and Host of HodlCast. Sasha is an attorney at Worldblock Legal, where she focuses on the Fintech sector. She began her work in the virtual currency arena in 2014 and helps her clients navigate the burgeoning regulations surrounding compliance with money transmission services, the Bank Secrecy Act, and Securities Laws. Ms. Hodder has worked on projects such as Initial Coin Offerings, structuring utility tokens, drafting SAFE & SAFT Agreements, drafting Compliance Programs, applying for Money Transmission Licenses, raising money through registered crowdfunding portals, as well as drafting business formation contracts. We are political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liberties. Please subscribe for the…