Creating Accessible Events with Christy Herzing and Sandy Jones of Paraquad
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If you don’t work at an organization that doesn’t specifically work with people with disabilities, you don’t have to worry about making your fundraising events accessible, right? Wrong. So wrong. As our guest Christy Herzing from Paraquad says, “Making your event accessible speaks to a level of inclusion that can increase your donor base.” That’s something we all want, right? Christy was joined by her colleague Sandy Jones also from Paraquad to talk to Marjorie about what basic accessibility accomodations you should look for in planning events to save yourself time and trouble in the long run and how to think outside of the box to make sure that all of your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Connect with Christy at, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or by calling her at 314-289-4264. Connect with Sandy at, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or by calling her at 314-289-4274. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn- Marjorie on LinkedIn-…