Doing Donor Recognition Right with JoAnn Foppe
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Multiple Choice Question: When in the donor cycle is the time to recognize and think about recognizing your donors? a. When Prospecting and Researching b. When Cultivating c. During Solicitation d. While Stewarding e. All of the above If you answered e, you’re absolutely right! JoAnn Foppe from Foppe Visual Communications stopped by to talk about why it is so important to think about and consider donor and recognition from the very start. She shares inspiration on some of the best recognition she’s ever seen and creative ideas to make your donors love your organization even more. You can find Foppe Communications at, on Facebook, and can call them at 618-654-8600. Some of the great articles we read on this topic were: Smaller Charities Need Creativity and Care When Recognizing Donors from the Chronicle of Philanthropy Donor Recognition: Thinking Like a Donor from AFP 15 Creative Ways to Thank Donors from You can find 501Crossroads on Facebook at…