The Value of the Feasibility Study with Ellen Howe
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Everyone knows that when you are nonprofit organization the magic behind the mission is fundraising. Simply put, no money no mission. And fundraising has a three-phase cycle – you are either starting a campaign, in a campaign, or ending a campaign. Today we have Ellen Howe, Senior Consultant with The Rome Group. She been involved in the nonprofit sector for 15 years as a consultant, development officer and program director. Ellen joins Marjorie and Natalie to talk about what a feasibility study is and helps you figure out if it’s right for your organization. Resources on Feasibilty Studies The Rome Group Campaign Feasibility Studies: Taking the Time to Find Out whether the Time Is Right by Tony Poderis Capital Campaigns: The Benefits of a Feasibility StudyWhat is a Fundraising Feasibility Study and Is It Worth It? by P. Burke Keegan Contact us! You can find 501Crossroads on Facebook. Get LinkedIn with Natalie Jablonski Get LinkedIn with Marjorie Moore