Tips for Higher Education Selection for Nonprofit Leaders with Cindy Manjounes
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Finishing a bachelors, taking on a masters, or going for that doctorate can be a daunting use of a nonprofit professional’s time and money. Dr. Cindy K. Manjounes knows… she has two doctorates! Marjorie and Natalie talk to Dr. Cindy about how to choose the right school and program for you, your future, and your organization, ways to pay for it, selling it to a nonprofit board, and take a look at the long term ROI of getting to the next level. Get in contact with Dr. Cindy by emailing her at or calling 618-239-6029. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn- Marjorie on LinkedIn- 501Crossroads on Facebook- 501Crossroads on Twitter-