12: A Training Plan
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A good mix of runs for half-marathon training. - Two or three aerobic runs, 4—6 miles long, run entirely aerobically. - One *tempo run*: 6—10 miles long, run 50% aerobically, 50% harder-than-race-heart-rate. - One day of speed work (800-meter repeats, or a quarter-mile hill workout), every other week, usually about 5—6 miles total. - One long run, approximately 80% done aerobically, with the last ~20% at “race heart rate”. - One day of cross-training (a 30—45-minute bike ride). Check out the run! https://www.strava.com/activities/646209790/embed/a6defccacf296f0d89aeb865edd7597804251b4d