S2E1 - Gaming Community & The State of Destiny 2
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In this episode: We welcome everyone to a brand new season of the All Things Geekery Podcast as we bring it in with our first episode of 2018. We’re taking a look at the gaming community and breaking down the state of Destiny 2. Show Notes:- First off we discuss the gaming community, the passion gamers have, and how salty of a group we truly can be at times. - We look at community based games, what has sparked our interest and filling time while D2 is on a lull. - We look at the Bungie feedback and how they have been interacting with the community - Plus we take a look at the overall state of Destiny 2, and offer up our opinions on what we think would bring the game back to it’s former glory Be sure to subscribe to the All Things Geekery Podcast with any of your favorite podcast apps. Stop by and drop us a review so we know how we’re doing. Thanks for listening, and we can’t wait to hear from you! SUBSCRIBE iTunes Stitcher Overcast Google Play Music ALL OUR SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @detachedgamingTwitter…