S2E2 - Shing Shing & Looting Booty
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In this episode: We jump into some of the biggest games of 2018, and breakdown the PRO’s and CON’s…..plus we dust off some old backlog games, talk gaming community, movies, and a whole host of other items! Show Notes:- First off the introductions of course - We look at one of the years biggest hits to date…Monster Hunter World and talk about what it has done for the gaming community and filling a void for the GRIND! - We plunge into Sea of Thieves and LOOT SOME BOOTY! - We talk about one of the #1 games that came out of left field….being FORTNITE…and discuss what it has done for the gaming community and bringing the interest of streamers and content creators back! - Plus we dive into our backlog and uncover some old crusty games that have recently turned into little GEMS - We also chat Thor Ragnarok and all of it’s GLORY, and a whole host of other things! Be sure to subscribe to the All Things Geekery Podcast with any of your favorite podcast apps. Stop by and drop us a review so we know how we’re doing.…