S2E15 - The Endgame
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December 16, 2018
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 15 of the All Things Geekery Podcast: The Endgame In this episode, we’re talking about the new trailer for Avengers 4 and all the HYPE along with it! We’re also sharing our thoughts on Destiny 2’s latest DLC; Black Armory and the new Dawning event that just hit! Show Notes Avengers 4 - Endgame It was a great trailer that showed nothing Why is Tony Stuck without Nebula Could we see a possible introduction of Captain Marvel in this film, by her finding Tony Stark floating in space ie: She rescues Iron Man Thanos is still enjoying his peace on the farm Cap is back to his Winter Soldier look but all black - everyone is in mourning We get a small glimpse of Hawkeye, but he isn’t wielding his famous bow this time, instead, he has a sword Ant-man makes it out of the Quantum zone Could we see the Quantum Zone introduce alternate timelines to the story This trailer honestly brings up more questions than answers and the film doesn’t release until April 2019 Black Armory Thoughts /…