S1E3 - They’ll Never See it Coming - MTV’s Scream Review
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They’ll Never See it Coming - MTV’s Scream Review Welcome back to The All Things Geekery Podcast! I’m super excited this month, because the “Geeks Team” has a new addition to the podcast with my lovely wife - Skater Girl from Sk8rgirldesignz. Another exciting bit is that my co-host Victus Darkaero and his wife had their first child so he is out for a bit on baby leave, but he’ll be back soon for future episodes! This episode we take a look at the hit MTV television series, Scream. This is planned as the first of many episodes of the Scream series review. You can follow along with this series by tuning in to Scream on MTV, or watch the episodes after they air on MTV.com. Note that these Scream episode reviews are filled with major spoilers, and we highly recommend that you watch the episodes before listening to the show if you do not want major plot points, including the endings, spoiled for you.