S1E7 - Mass Effect: Andromeda - Our Thoughts & Expectations
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In this episode: Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming very soon. March 21st is the official release, and Iogro and Victus will be jumping in as soon as it hits the systems to check out the much awaited fourth installment of this series. We discuss how Andromeda has a big set of shoes to fill as the first three installments of the game brought a rich story, fulfilling gameplay, and a very big cliffhanger at the end of Mass Effect 3. We talk through the story aspects of the game and what gaps a 600 year expanse could potentially bring both the game, and the players experience. Will Andromeda bring a connection of old as well as new and give players the ability to see how Andromeda came about, or will this be a completely separate story moving into a new universe. Has Bio-Ware waited to long to release Andromeda and have they lost the player base to keep things exciting for the new Mass Effect release, or have they done a good job with keeping the hype up and fulfilling the gaming communities need for this game.